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Steve can be found at Steve's Tattoo in Madison.

1205 Williamson St.
Madison, WI 53703
Hours—Mon-Sat: 11a-10p | Sun: 11a-6p

To schedule an appointment,
please phone 608.251.6111
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They say you can't teach an old dog new tricks, but they've been wrong before. This old dog has a couple he doesn't mind sharing, the first being my work with watercolor. I love the flexibility this medium allows me and really enjoy creating new pieces for myself, friends, and family. Of course, painting nearly everyday means I have more art than wall space at home so I have begun to display some of my creations at the Madison shop along with the art of my fellow tattooists. I am fortunate to have such a talented bunch of artists working with me and am proud of the quality of their work and the integrity they bring to the craft.

I have a new addition in my life who is the apple of my eye. My daughter Lydia is a happy and active toddler who likes to draw, fingerpaint and read as much as her Daddy!

Life is good these days, with lots to be grateful for. I invite you to stop by the shop and check out the art on display or just say hi. Oh and YES, I am still tattooing, so if you want work from this old dog, call and make an appointment.